Developing through horses,
alone or as a team.

Horses are excellent teachers of soft skills and prove to be valuable partners in mobilizing and developing emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Working with horses is an excellent way to practice empathy, authentic leadership, and collaborative work.


Due to its mirror effect, the horse is an excellent teacher: it reflects our emotional state and reacts to everything we put out, down to the finest unconscious signal. The Equi-coaching process can be summarised as follows:


You refocus

You refocus on yourself before approaching others. You become aware of your physical, mental, and emotional state.


You rediscover your neutral zone

This will allow you to gain the horse's attention and communicate clearly, without interference.


You observe with empathy

In an open posture, you observe the horse to measure its state, the signals it sends, its level of attention, and agreement with the situation.


You analyse without judgment

You receive the signals sent by your interlocutor to understand how they feel and why they act in a certain way.


You enter into communication

You formulate a clear and motivating request: you are aware of the link between your posture, your requests, and the horse's reactions.


You adapt your communication mode

In the moment and with agility, you adapt and readapt your posture according to the information gathered.

Alone or as a team, with one or more horses, equi-coaching is an excellent tool for training in management practices for all employees, managers, and leaders. The approach is part of a professional and personal development process with a discourse adapted to your context and your professions. Managerial Equi-coaching reveals the human levers of performance and can be an excellent workshop animation in seminars and team-building.